CBS is on the fence about airing this controversial Super Bowl commercial


Eric Green Is being sued for “Forcible Sodomy”


Eric Green of the 49er's

Transgendered Angelina Mavilia claims she met Green — who now plays for the San Francisco 49ers — in early 2009 at a casino in Scottsdale. She claims she and Green went back to his Scottsdale condo, where he forcibly sodomized her.

Green is said to have told Mavilia that This never happened. You’d better not tell,” Mavilia claims Green said this after the deed was done.

Mavilia is seeking $10 million in the Green case and an undisclosed amount in the suit against the city

Steven Jackson Releases Statement Says Abuse Claim is “Untrue”

It’s disheartening that I have to address any alleged allegations 10 months later, but I have read the accusations made by Supriya Harris, and they are untrue. The accusations are especially hurtful because those who truly know me know that those actions would be out of character for me. Miss Harris is the mother of my son, a son that I love and that I willingly support emotionally and financially. I will address this matter thoroughly through the appropriate avenues, but not through the media.