Cat nuttering ads with Tiger Woods picture used..

Only if tiger had been truthful and told his side in the beginning maybe this wouldn’t be running as a ad..

Tiger Who?



Apparently, some illnesses travel in pairs. Doctors don’t know much about WHY it happens, they just know that people who have one condition often have the other.

–So according to, here are four health problems you should never ignore, because they might be a sign you have something even worse . . .

#1.) MIGRAINES. If you have one every few months, you’re 50% more likely to have a heart attack. And if you have at least one migraine a week, you’re three times more likely to have a stroke.

#2.) HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. According to a ten-year study by Harvard Medical School, if your blood pressure is constantly high, you’re twice as likely to develop diabetes, regardless of how much you weigh.

–But you can reduce your risk by getting more exercise, losing weight, eating less salt, and quitting smoking.

#3.) PSORIASIS. The rough, itchy patches of skin are uncomfortable, but according to a five-year study of 500,000 people, they might also increase your heart attack risk. It all depends on how bad your psoriasis is. If it’s severe, your risk is doubled.

–They’re not sure WHY it happens yet. But they think your arteries might get inflamed when your body tries to fight off the disease.

#4.) ASTHMA. Studies show a strong connection between asthma and psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Researchers think one can lead to the other.

–If you have breathing problems, it can cause anxiety. And if you have anxiety, it can cause breathing problems. So if you think you have either, ask your doctor about both.

Antawn Jamison traded to the Cavs

Cleveland, Washington and the Los Angeles Clippers have agreed to a three-team deal that will land Antawn Jamison with the Cavaliers as LeBron James’ new sidekick instead of Amare Stoudemire, according to NBA front-office sources.

That the deal will also send Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ $11.5 million expiring contract and a first-round draft pick from Cleveland to Washington.

The deal also calls for the Wizards to receive Al Thornton from the Clippers, sources said, with L.A. getting forward Drew Gooden, whom Washington acquired in last week’s trade with Dallas.

Besides Jamison, Cleveland will also acquire Clippers guard Sebastian Telfair

Gone from the Wiz and now a Cav

Football legend Michael Irvin accused of rape at Seminole Hard Rock

A woman who says she was raped by football star Michael Irvin at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino filed a civil lawsuit against him Thursday in Broward Circuit Court.

Although no criminal charges have been filed, the Broward State Attorney’s Office has been looking into the case and is expected to reach a conclusion next week, said spokesman Ron Ishoy.

The woman said the attack happened in 2007, in the late hours of July 4 or early July 5. The suit doesn’t name the woman, referring to her as Jane Doe.

Irvin’s lawyer, Larry Friedman, called the accusations “totally untrue.”

When asked to describe her contact with Irvin, Friedman said, “Beyond, perhaps, meeting her, there was nothing.”

In the suit, the woman said Irvin bought her alcohol to get her drunk, then lured her to his hotel room. That’s where he and another man tried stuffing money into her clothes, the suit said.

She said Irvin and the other man insisted on sexual favors. She said no.

That’s when the unidentified man held her down and covered her mouth, according to the suit, then Irvin raped her, she said. When Irvin was done, the other man forced her to perform oral sex.

Afterward, Irvin’s brother, Derrick Irvin, came in and took her to another room and “assisted in covering the sexual assault and rape up,” according to the civil lawsuit.

The one man is unidentified because the woman doesn’t know who he is, said her lawyer, David Lister.

It was reported to Seminole police on July 20, 2007, Seminole Tribe spokesman Gary Bitner said.

“They investigated it thoroughly,” Bitner said. “Although by that time there was no longer any forensic evidence or surveillance video.”

A day later, the woman signed a waiver of prosecution, which Bitner attributed to “her desire to essentially put it behind her and not have it be splashed all over the newspapers.”

Bitner said the tribe turned over its findings to Broward prosecutors.

The woman’s lawyer, Lister, said he had no comment about the Seminole police investigation.

He said his client had passed a polygraph test.

Lister also said his client and Irvin’s counsel had been in negotiations for a financial settlement, but those talks stalled, prompting the lawsuit filed three days before the Super Bowl is being played in Miami.

“There were discussion back and forth between the parties,” Lister said, adding that Irvin’s representatives had asked for a settlement figure. “Nothing came of it.”

Friedman, Irvin’s attorney, called the discussions attempts at extortion.

He said the woman came forward last year, after Irvin appeared on a few episodes of the television show Dancing With the Stars.

First, she wanted $1 million, Friedman said, then came down to $800,000.

Each time, Friedman said no.

“This complaint is tantamount to criminal extortion,” Friedman said. “There is no merit to the complaint.”

Irvin, an NFL Hall of Famer, grew up in Fort Lauderdale and was a star at the University of Miami before joining the Dallas Cowboys.

He’s had run-ins with the law, including pleading no contest to a cocaine charge in 1996.

Later in that same year, Irvin and a teammate were accused with sexually assaulting a woman. An investigation revealed the woman had made up the story and she soon recanted.