Mayweather – Mosley Weigh In.. Video Ok Quality


Prison Guard Fired For Spying On Lil Wayne

The NY Daily News reports that Amelia Negron was relieved of her duties as a prison guard on Rikers Island for allegedly sneaking into an unauthorized unit where Lil’ Wayne’s being held.

“I don’t even like rap. I like rock and alternative music and didn’t know much about him when they said I tried to see him. None of it’s true. The door to the area was unlocked, and so I went in to say hello, and that officer said, ‘Hey, you can’t be here. We’ve got a celeb here.’ I said, ‘Okay, no problem,’ turned around and left. (I) did nothing wrong, but (I was) threatened with criminal charges, transfers, suspensions.”

According to the News, she plans to file a federal suit, claiming discrimination and harassment. Ok, Ms. Officer.

YaoKustoms ‘Just Did It’ Tiger Woods Supra Hi-Tops

Custom shoe outfit YaoKustoms has just released a shoe that is sure to be the pride of any sneakerhead with a sense of humor; the ‘Just Did It’ Tiger Woods Supra Hi. The shoe features images of Tiger with his wrecked Escalade, Elin with her famous weapon of choice, and the bevvy of cocktail waitresses and pornstars that came out of the woodwork. Along with this is the re-imagined slogan ‘Just Did It’ on the heel, and a golf ball threaded onto the laces. We have to say, in good taste or not, this shoe is a hilariously stylish one-off



Yesterday, dropped the BLOCKBUSTER allegation that Reggie Bush dumped Kim Kardashian after he caught her CHEATING with Kanye West.

Well now spoke with one of KIM’S CLOSEST FRIENDS who gave us even more dirt.

According to our snitch, when Reggie learned that Kim had slept with Kanye he immediately went to CONFRONT HIM!! The insider told, “Kanye’s security had to hold Reggie back, because he was going to go nuts on Kanye . . . And the next time Reggie see’s him, he’s going to kick his a**.”

WOOOOOW . . . Reggie is 6 foot 2 and about 230 lbs. Kanye better beef up his security.