Ray Lewis shocked by help given to Tebow

Frank Tadych of NFL.com reports Ravens LB Ray Lewis conducted an interview with ESPN Radio Thursday that included some very compelling comments on the popularity of Broncos rookie QB Tim Tebow.

Lewis was candid when asked by Colin Cowherd during The Herd if he was shocked by how big the Tebow story became leading up to and during the draft.

“The thing I was more shocked by, is you see all the people who were willing to help him,” Lewis responded. “I don’t know many people who were willing to help other athletes like that. Jon Gruden loved him to death. You see all these people who took out their personal time to really work with him and make this big issue, big issue, big issue. I don’t know why he was any different than anyone else. Every young child has that dream, that same dream that Tebow had. So I don’t know why he was bigger … than any of the other guys.

“He went to a big program, and, yes, he might be a favorable person, but nobody else in the league, definitely not veteran players, see themselves differently than any other player.”

Lewis clearly takes issue with the aspect that Tebow — a rookie — has been given special attention, but stopped short of saying he would be a target because of it.

“The target is always simple,” Lewis said. “You play this game for one reason. You play this game to find people’s weaknesses. If he is going to be a target … basically he plays the quarterback position, so, from my position, the target is just hit him in the mouth and keep rolling.”


4 thoughts on “Ray Lewis shocked by help given to Tebow

  1. Ray Lewis was helped big time when he was in trouble with the law. Most of his less fortunate brothers would be rotting in jail if they couldn’t affort the special help. Regarding NFL veterans who think more of themselves than other people…Um…TO? Chad 85? (Cheryl softened him up, though) I agree with most of it, but there’s some BS to it too.

    • He was helped out when he got in trouble with the law, Think he meant more of the extra treatment that TEBOW has gotten from all the coaches and such around the league to help him advance his skills as a player when there’s other players who could have needed the help..

  2. I think lots of players get help. The Manning brothers, even after Dad was out of football, hung around the Saints. And were helped by that association. I think people just don’t like Tebow, or what he represents. Mind you, I don’t like ALL he represents-that pic of him and his girlfriend in swim attire irks me. His gospel is a ‘prosperity gospel’, I think. I don’t know one way or the other, personally, whether he’ll work out or not.

    The NFL is very clannish, though, maybe more of a fraternity.

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