Woman claims Colts’ Reggie Wayne filed false charges to cover affair

Indianapolis – Colts star Reggie Wayne is embroiled in a credit card fraud investigation involving a woman who claims she became a target only after her long-term affair with the wide receiver was revealed.

After obtaining a search warrant, 15 FBI agents swarmed 26 year-old Natasha McKenzie’s home, kicked open her door and took everything.

“They literally took everything. Stuff that didn’t even have to do with Reggie at all,” she says, speaking exclusively to Fox 59 News.

McKenzie said IMPD detectives told her that she was being investigated for stealing Reggie Wayne’s Huntington Bank debit card and charging nearly $100,000 on it. However, McKenzie told a much different story.

“Reggie knew what was going on. I sent Reggie plenty of thank you messages. He knew everything that was going on. There was nothing fraud about it.”

She said over the course of their affair, Wayne provided her with his debit card to “take care of whatever you need to take care of.”

“I had permission to buy whatever I bought. Reggie gave me all of his credit card information I still have a record of everything he gave me.”

Statements show from December 2009 to April 2010, McKenzie used the card to pay her phone, insurance and cable bills, trips to Wal-Mart and groceries. She also purchased several plane tickets, Carnival Cruise tickets and hotel rooms — all used, she says, for the couple’s romantic get-a-ways.

“We were heavily involved. Clearly we were involved.”

McKenzie also charged her children’s daycare bills to the card, along with thousands of dollars in college tuition. Charges, she said, that don’t paint a picture of a felon.

“If it was stolen, everything wouldn’t have come to my house,” McKenzie explained.

“If I had something to hide, I wouldn’t had stuff coming to my house. I wouldn’t have stuff going to my account. I would have hid it I would have hid it somewhere else. I never did that.”

She said Wayne was also paying her rent, but when that stopped she became concerned.

“I honestly don’t know. The only thing I think it could be is maybe his wife found out about his mistresses.”

Now McKenzie says Wayne is acting like he’s never met her, but McKenzie and her attorney say they have proof.

“We have evidence. There’s text messages and photos and of course ‘she’ doesn’t want to release those at this time,” said McKenzie’s attorney P. Lynn Bibbs.

McKenzie hopes the truth will prevail but she says it’s hard to be optimistic.

“Everybody is on his side. I’m in Indianapolis. He’s Reggie Wayne.”

<Via Fox59.com>


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