No free agency summit for Wade and James, Stern says

“There is no free agent summit,” Stern told reporters Thursday at the NBA Finals.

Wade suggested in a May interview he, James and other pending free agents would meet to discuss future plans before making decisions.

But Stern said the players had changed their minds.

“I’ve been assured at the highest level that there is no summit,” the commissioner said.

“They can have it,” Stern said. “(But) they’d be better off watching these finals to see how you construct a team and how you play.”

NBA players talk all the time, the commissioner said.

“We don’t have any problem with that,” he said. “If some kind of tampering is implicated, I will have a later and different view, but we’re not expecting that.”


2 thoughts on “No free agency summit for Wade and James, Stern says

  1. They’ll definitely talk though phone calls, but I can’t imagine these superstars making deals with each other to go to certain teams. It all comes down to the money. All of these top free agents are going to be making $20 million next year. If a team is willing to spend $40 million on two players with a salary cap of $53 million, those two players are going to have a pretty weak supporting cast.

  2. I actually don’t see how this man “Stern” could stop these guys from sitting down at a table and discussing there futures, It would be the same as a agent and the player talking it out.

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