McDonalds & SHREK Polute Your Happy Meal!

McDonald’s recall of 13.4 million Shrek glasses seems to have got better of McDonalds brand image. The glasses that contains beyond normal quantity of a harmful substance seems to have triggered the recall.

United States and Canada health departments had warned of the harmful effects of the cadmium that is found around fourteen million glasses that the food joint had got manufactured.

The company that manufactures sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, and similar other items and sells them itself or through its franchisees around the world has more than four hundred thousand employees and revenues in excess of twenty two billion dollars.

The recall is one of the largest in McDonald’s seventy years long history.

The food chain that attracts a large number of kids and teenaged boys and girls was in agreement with the producers of Shrek to promote the film.

A reader who appreciates the recall decision of the company says, “Gotta love McDonalds! They step up to the plate and voluntarily recall the product putting healthcare before profit and children before dollars. That is a most wonderful legacy as a company, which any company can be proud of!”


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