New NFL Online Game To Be Released

A company called quick hits has signed a multi-year deal with the NFL for the use of the NFL’s teams, logos, schedules, Super Bowl, and stadiums.

According to Jay Robinson of ESPN, the company started two years ago in a coffee shop, and now has several employees that were key parts in the NFL 2k series.

“So when you ask, coming when? It’s really an evolution where we build new features in. With the launch of the season, we’ll be out there talking about how we’re going to integrate the NFL in the first wave, and there are going to be a lot of waves after that. It’s exciting to get to that next step of integration, but there’s a lot of work to be done.”

“Our goal has always been about quality and making sure when we deliver things we feel good about it. We’re not going to commit to a date just to feel good about hitting a number. We’d rather commit to a quality bar. We’re going to pick a set of features that we think will be critical to our fans and we’re going to execute them in high-quality fashion. Whether that’s 9-1, 9-30, 10-1, 10-30, it’s going to be the right date.”
Bill Cowher, Randy Moss, Barry Sanders, Randall Cunningham, and Brian Billick are the spokespeople for the game.

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