Condom With Teeth! o_O

A woman who fears she may be in endanger of being raped can place one of these condoms inside herself like she would a tampon. If she is, in fact, raped, the teeth inside of the condom will hook on to the man’s penis, preventing him from urinating. The only way for it to be removed is for the man to see a doctor, making it easy for the police to catch the woman’s rapist.


One thought on “Condom With Teeth! o_O

  1. I suppose something like this would only work if the rapist was intending to stick his penis into the woman’s vagina. After all, rape can be possible without inserting it into the vagina, places such as the anus or even mouth… not explicitly vaginal penetration. I can definitely feel an “ouchy” just looking at the item though!

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